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January 14, 2015
A+E Teams Up with Clearleap
Posted by KMontgomery

A+E Teams Up with Clearleap

A+E Networks has chosen Clearleap to provide technology for IP on-demand video services in the US and Canada.

The partnership, which launched this month, marks the first agreement between both companies and includes the opportunity for the addition of multiplatform services.

While its partnership currently applies only to the US and Canada, Clearleap said that historically, many of its US-based customers have expanded their international presence using Clearleap’s technology.

“The logistics of publishing on-demand content have become dramatically complex,” said Richard Shirley, A+E Networks’ vice-president of distribution business development. “At A+E, we’re always looking to leverage technologies that will help us manage complexities and ensure the content viewers are looking for is available when they want it.”

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