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February 3, 2010
Clearleap and FourthWall Media Partner on EBIF Application
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February, 3, 2010- Plano, TX and Atlanta, GA – Clearleap, the web based TV technology platform for the television industry has teamed up with FourthWall Media (formerly BIAP), a leading provider of interactive television services, to create a video-centric EBIF application. To demonstrate how the television industry can leverage video in EBIF form, the two companies will showcase an interactive weather application featuring The Weather Channel content as part of the Innovation Showcase at the 2010 CableLabs® Winter Conference in Denver, Colorado.

The application combines the best of internet and cable technologies to deliver fresh and timely weather information which includes video forecasts delivered by on-camera meteorologists. Users can watch video minutes after it was produced and can check the forecast for other markets without restarting or refreshing the application.

“This demonstrates how Internet technologies are delivering on the promise of the next generation television experience” said Braxton Jarratt, co-founder and CEO, Clearleap. “From expansion of local offerings to increased personalization for the viewer, this application is just one example of how web technologies have shifted the industry conversations from ‘what if’ to ‘how fast’.”

By leveraging Clearleap’s ability to ingest video content from any source, convert it to a TV ready format and deliver it for near real-time integration, FourthWall was able to design an EBIF application using perishable, localized video content as the center piece. Using internet-like but cable friendly technologies, advertising can easily be inserted in either a graphic or video format. Advertisers can also track effectiveness of the advertising based on clicks or video plays.

“Our goal is to provide TV Widgets that are personalized, dynamic, and result in contextually relevant video. After all, the killer app on TV is TV. We plan on adding video to every TV Widget in our App Store over time, and Clearleap will help us do that” said Patrick Peters, EVP and GM of Programming for FourthWall Media.

About Clearleap

Clearleap is a revolutionary TV technology platform that leverages the power and flexibility of the internet to provide content acquisition, management and advertising solutions for the cable and IPTV television industries. Clearleap’s network based technology gives both video service and content providers easy to implement services to vastly improve workflow, monetization, and content capabilities for both VOD and linear programming.  Founded by a team of TV technology veterans and industry experts, Clearleap is based in Atlanta, GA with offices in New York City and data centers in New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta.  For more information, visit

About FourthWall Media

FourthWall Media, formerly known as BIAP, is an Emmy-nominated media company driving the creative revolution in interactive television through solutions that break through the ‘fourth wall’ to engage audiences, extend subscriber loyalty and deliver detailed measurement and reporting. The company’s EBIF solutions include the Ad Widgets® end-to-end advertising system, AdAim Audience Measurement Suite, TV Widgets® applications such as eBay on TV, Fantasy Football and Yellow Pages on TV; and a technology platform for Cisco/Scientific Atlanta, Motorola and tru2way set-top boxes. FourthWall Media products and technology are distributed by Comcast Media Center, Time Warner Cable, DISH Network, and several other MSOs, and have been deployed in over 24 million set-top boxes. Learn more at

CableLabs is a trademark of Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.

A product or technology demonstration at a CableLabs event does not represent a CableLabs endorsement of that product or technology.


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