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December 9, 2014
Clearleap Announces Multiscreen Sports Solution
Posted by KMontgomery

Clearleap Announces Multiscreen Sports Solution

Clearleap has announced a cloud-based multiscreen sports solution to support live-streamed games, near real-time highlights/clips and personalized playlists. Clearleap’s Sports and Live TV Solution targets sports-oriented TV networks which recognize that today’s fans demand always-on access across their multiple devices.

The new Clearleap solution enables networks to ingest, process and deliver live and on-demand sports streams, supported by a network operations center aiming to provide 99.999% uptime. Obviously when it comes to live sports any hiccup in a live-stream that could risk missing the big play would be catastrophic. Clearleap provides a dashboard to manage and monitor real-time analytics of video delivery.

The system is also meant to be highly scalable, able to support unexpected and large spikes in viewership. It also supports business models including advertising, subscription and authentication.

Just last week at VideoSchmooze, my colleague Colin Dixon moderated a panel on how sports is critical to TV Everywhere’s adoption. As FreeWheel noted in its Q3 Video Monetization Report, 82% of live online video ad views are now tied to sports content, making sports by far the biggest single driver of TVE to date. In 2014 alone the Winter Olympics and the World Cup were major contributors.

Sports TVE use is so critical because it introduces millions of pay-TV subscribers to TVE, which will help boost viewing of other content formats. And of course greater TVE use builds value in the expensive multichannel video bundle, making it more competitive with inexpensive OTT options like Netflix.

All of that gets back to why solutions like Clearleap’s that better enable sports TVE are important for the overall pay-TV industry. Clearleap also released a white paper on the new solution which is available for download here.

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