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April 9, 2015
Clearleap Hops on Microsoft’s Video Cloud
Posted by LWoolfolk

Clearleap Hops on Microsoft’s Video Cloud

Multiscreen tech company Clearleap said it has inked a multiyear deal to beef up its cloud-based video services using Microsoft’s Azure Media Services unit, claiming it will amplify its existing software-as-a-service products and help its customers rapidly scale their OTT services.

Under the deal, Clearleap said it will integrate its existing SaaS services, including its workflow and metadata management components, with the Azure cloud stack, enabling Clearleap to take advantage of Azure’s encoding systems, content protection, and CDN services. This additional cloud offering will operate parallel to Clearleap’s existing data center hubs, giving customers a hybrid option for their multiscreen strategies, Clearleap said.

“As OTT and TV Everywhere services continue to explode, mastering the complicated processes behind data management is critical to success,” said Clearleap CEO Braxton Jarratt, in a statement. “Companies should be able to choose the technology that best fits their business needs, and we believe that by combining Azure’s cloud network with superior services, we’ve really created a best-of-both-worlds solution for brands looking to take their cross-screen offerings to the next level. With this new alliance, we’re looking forward to building additional engagement of TV Everywhere for our customers and their viewers.”

Microsoft and Clearleap will exhibit the hookup at next week’s NAB confab in Las Vegas.   Customers of Atlanta-based Clearleap include HBO, A+E Networks, the NFL, BBC America, Sony Movie Channel, Scripps Networks Interactive, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon Communications, among others.

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