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September 29, 2014
Clearleap Shares Vision for Content Without Borders
Posted by KMontgomery

Clearleap Shares Vision for Content Without Borders

Clearleap, the leading provider of multiscreen video logistics for the broadcasting and pay-TV industry, has released a vision paper aimed at helping European pay-TV operators and content providers launch innovative new services.

Across Europe, viewers are eager for quality content and are prepared to pay for the privilege. With 750 million people, 53 countries, 28 currencies and billions of IP devices, the European TV market is worth a staggering $130 billion a year. The region is brimming with opportunity for the TV operators, broadcasters and content owners willing to make the leap to multiscreen.

But connecting consumers to content is complex, and there are significant challenges to overcome to expand the depth of content and breadth of reach across Europe. Not only are consumers demanding content on numerous devices and in formats that meet their unique viewing habits, content owners are increasingly exploring ways to reach the audience directly and change the old legacy distribution and monetization models.

Clearleap’s latest vision paper, “Content Without Borders: Creating Profitable Content and Pay-TV Businesses in Europe”, looks at the issues that broadcasters and content owners face when delivering content across the European TV market. By taking multiple perspectives, and using real-life case studies from Scripps Networks Interactive and Sony, the paper shares insights into the challenges of the dynamic and diverse region head on, and how to overcome them.

To understand how companies are adapting to the challenges and potential offered by the region, Clearleap also commissioned a survey and research project with IBE magazine. The research questioned 31 European TV operators to examine the changing face of service delivery, and key approaches for consideration to meet consumer demand for content without borders. A headline finding was that OTT and TV over IP services are already well established, at least in a 1.0 version. 48% of operators surveyed stated that they had already launched an OTT service in some form, while a further 45% had launched a SVOD/TVE service.

Braxton Jarratt, CEO, Clearleap, said:

As content spans borders, language and cultural nuances, TV operators need to be prepared to meet the challenges of delivering content without borders. Our latest vision paper helps these companies understand how to navigate the European TV market and maximize the great potential it offers. As the market becomes intensely competitive, companies must embrace technological change and adapt their process to remain both competitive and relevant. For those that don’t, it is clear others will.

The Clearleap paper is available to download here.

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