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November 17, 2015
Clearleap Study Finds OTT Closing In on Cable
Posted by KMontgomery

Clearleap Study Finds OTT Closing In on Cable

Duluth, Ga. — Clearleap, a company that works with the likes of HBO, Scripps, and A+E Networks to deliver viewing experiences across screens, has conducted a survey to learn more about which streaming services US consumers use, what their viewing habits are, and what they value most in an OTT offering. The results offer a look at how average users perceive streaming services, and how they engage with them.

Survey highlights include:

Streaming service penetration is now on par with cable. Of those surveyed, 78.85 per cent reported currently subscribing to cable, and 71.37 per cent confirmed that they had used a streaming service(either previously or currently).

Millennials are leading the OTT revolution, leaving cable behind. Of respondents between the ages of 18-29, 70.32 per cent use a streaming service, while only 64.41 per cent have a cable subscription. Additionally, just over one quarter (26.48 per cent) of respondents in this age category have never subscribed to cable, confirming that younger viewers don’t have the same attachment as their parents or grandparents.

If they received their preferred content, users would be willing to pay slightly more than most services’ monthly fees as of July 2015. When current streaming service users were asked what they would be willing to spend on a service that featured their three preferred types of content, 42.66 per cent indicated that they would pay $10- $25 per month, which is higher than what Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon charged at the time the survey was issued.

More survey results here: Clearleap OTT Study


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