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September 11, 2014
Clearleap to Speak at IBC on Content Everywhere in Middle East & LATAM
Posted by KMontgomery

Clearleap to Speak at IBC on Content Everywhere in Middle East & LATAM

Clearleap, provider of multiscreen video logistics for the broadcasting and pay TV industry, will be demonstrating its commitment to the global TV landscape at this year’s IBC.

Exhibiting in the Content Everywhere hall, Clearleap will demonstrate its innovative, extensible multiscreen platform, which is enabling some of the industry’s biggest names to transition to true multiscreen video.

As part of its activity at IBC, the company will take part in a panel on Saturday 13 September at 3.30pm on Content Everywhere opportunities in the Middle East and Latin America. It will be held in the IBC Content Everywhere Theatre, Hall 14.

The panel will be exploring the recent growth of the Middle Eastern and Latin American economies and its wider impact on Content Everywhere. Bob Van Orden (pictured) will be sharing Clearleap’s recent experience of the Latin American market, highlighting the cultural, content preferences and infrastructural characteristics, which differentiate the Content Everywhere opportunity in Latin America from North America/Europe.

Also, at the IBC show Clearleap will be demonstrating how operators can capitalise on the opportunities of today’s evolving European TV market through the launch of its latest white paper entitled ‘Content Without Borders’. Clearleap’s CEO, Braxton Jarratt, will be presenting findings from the paper, and will examine the steps companies need to take to go from potential to profit in today’s competitive TV landscape.

In addition, the company will also be speaking on several panels, including a joint case study with US broadcaster Scripps Networks, and will be providing interactive demonstrations of its multiscreen platform.

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