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December 18, 2009
Clearleap unveils content marketplace and new content partnerships
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TV Technology Platform Offers Content Packaging, Licensing, Filtering and Automated Performance Based Programming for VOD

New Content Partners Include: For Your Imagination, The Pentagon Channel, MyOutdoorTV, Uncensored Interview, On the Flipside, Earth Touch, Inside Reel, and Play Sports TV.

Oct 26, 2009- Atlanta, GA – Clearleap, the Internet based TV technology platform, today announced Content Marketplace, a new customizable content management platform that leverages internet technologies to provide quick and easy acquisition and aggregation of local, traditional and web video content.  The Marketplace was designed to give cable and IPTV providers greater programming flexibility, volumes of more content and the ability to deliver fresh programming to VOD daily, without any work required.

Created as an easy to deploy, turn-key solution that allows cable and IPTV providers to quickly bolster their content offerings, the Content Marketplace includes best of the web video that is vetted, scouted, licensed, and pre-packaged by genre. Cable and IPTV operators can deploy an entire genre of programming with one click acquisition and are given tools to filter and sort content by programmer, rating and popularity.  TV providers are given a host of web-based features not available anywhere else such as the ability to preview content within the publishing and management platform, and dynamic adjustment of settings to ensure the content ingest is aligned with performance of a particular package.  This flexibility provides operators with the ability to customize their content offerings by city, system or neighborhood as frequently as they want and as easily as clicking a mouse.

Clearleap will offer professionally packaged content in ten of the highest performing genres of programming, including Comedy, Pop-Culture, Music, Sports, Science & Nature, Lifestyle, and Best of the Web packages with plans to expand into categories such as instructional, travel and cooking in the coming weeks.  With hundreds of programs currently available in the marketplace, programmers and content aggregators already signed up include blip.TV, Next New Networks, Revision3, and newly announced, For Your Imagination, The Pentagon Channel, MyOutdoorTV, Uncensored Interview, On the Flipside, Earth Touch, Inside Reel, and Play Sports TV. The Content Marketplace will use the web-based clear|flow™ platform which can be installed and running within hours.

About Clearleap

Clearleap is a revolutionary TV technology platform that leverages the power and flexibility of the internet to provide content acquisition, management and advertising solutions for the world’s most popular medium, the television. Clearleap’s network based technology gives both video service and content providers easy to implement services to vastly improve workflow, monetization, and content capabilities for both VOD and linear. Founded by a team of TV technology veterans and industry experts, Clearleap is based in Atlanta, GA. with offices in New York City and data centers in New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta. For more information


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