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Accelerate TV Anywhere

ClearPlay™ drives new business opportunity in multiscreen IP video by providing complete management and monetization of video streaming experiences that delight consumers across mobile, web and TV devices. ClearPlay enables consistent user experiences while accelerating application development through APIs that interact harmoniously with target devices and associated streams. In short, ClearPlay enables:
  • Management, merchandising and publishing of premium video content instantly to TV, mobile and all connected devices
  • Tracking of subscriber interactions and behaviors across platforms to inform approaches that drive marketing and buying decisions
  • Control rights and access and apply flexible monetization models that accommodate both subscription and transactional support

Cross Over:

Enabling consistent multiscreen experiences

ClearPlay enables content and service providers to create and manage a single content library that’s accessible by any connected viewing platform, ensuring consistency in content no matter the device. On the user side, device clients query for the correct broadcast stream and corresponding program guide data, while on the server side, catalog presentation is driven automatically by metadata rulesets. This highly automated approach allows providers to apply creativity to content promotion, new release visibility and other critical content presentation approaches. The power of the platform springs in part from a rich portfolio of Clearleap Video Player and Application APIs that are entwined with target devices to create a consistent set of engaging features across TV streaming devices and players, mobile, web and game consoles. Avoiding the strictures of a one-size-fits-all API approach, Clearleap’s client-specific API architecture delivers highly versatile functionality that aligns content, applications, users, devices and experiences. Among its attributes: the ability to foster personalization by storing user preferences and behaviors as part of a user’s identity across devices and to support features such as social recommendations and predictive discovery, speeding time-to-market as new devices are supported. ClearPlay also simplifies client development by allowing client apps to focus on the presentation of data – instead of data aggregation and formatting. ClearPlay also reduces risk and increases agility by maintaining business logic in the server instead of splitting it across a server and client.

Premium protection:

Rights and access

To support monetization across screens, ClearPlay offers highly flexible authentication controls, device management, and content license enforcement. Built-in functionality includes authentication and authorization enforcement triggers at video playback, plus integration with advertising management tool suites. The result: Premium content is presented on the right device to users with the assigned access levels, along with any assigned advertising messages, every time. If a streaming service contains a TV Everywhere product requiring a pay TV subscription, Clearleap’s billing gateway integrates seamlessly with e-commerce and legacy billing systems for entitlement verification.  

Experience matters:

Subscriber management

Clearleap subscriber management components offer centralized, efficient management and monetization of the user experience, thanks to web-based interface directly within ClearPlay, or through integrations to best-in-breed Business Support Systems. Adjustable permissions within the Clearleap platform allow you to enforce varying levels of access for business units and individuals.

Measuring success: Analytics and Reporting

An easy-to-learn, easy-to-use interface allows content and service providers to create visibility and generate reports on cross-platform video consumption and subscriber usage by device. Purchases, rentals, stream plays per device and per user are among ready metrics that can be examined and evaluated through a web-based visibility too that integrates with leading web and mobile analytics systems.

Stream Play:

Session Management

Encoding the correct adaptive bit rate and delivering the proper files needed by the session-specific device are critical elements of the streaming experience. Clearleap manages this vital interplay by applying precise encoding specifications for proper display on the target devices, and by assuring alignment between encoded video content and the metadata associated uniquely with it. By delivering video to origin servers and publishing metadata to the content catalog CMS, Clearleap ensures the catalog will not return the metadata to the client until the content is successfully positioned and ready for streaming. In addition, Clearleap provides analysis and recommendations for ISP peering relationships and content delivery network performance. Together, this carefully constructed progression delivers a critical end result: When a user clicks “play,” that’s exactly what happens.  
What's going on?
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Clearleap Enters Africa

Marking its entry into the African video market, Clearleap said it has landed a deal to help MultiChoice deliver multiscreen video services over its legacy and new IP-based networks.

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