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Leading television and media companies around the world have chosen IBM Cloud Video’s multiscreen solutions to reduce the business, operational, and technical challenges of delivering premium content to any screen. Learn more about how we’ve helped our customers maximize their revenues and enable better services for their customers.

Going Direct: Premium Content Streaming

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Suddenly, television is everywhere. Tablets, PCs, game consoles, smartphones and other devices are rising stars on the video stage. And for good reason: Today viewers expect to be able to watch what they want from any screen, at just about any time.

But making the leap to direct-to-consumer multiscreen streaming can seem daunting, especially for companies whose core business is content, not technology. IBM Cloud Video removes the complexity and complication by providing the platform and workflow resources you need to deliver consistent, direct-to-viewer streaming experiences that let you focus on managing your content catalog, not operating your own video processing infrastructure.

Using intuitive interfaces tied to a powerful cloud-based platform, IBM Cloud Video makes it possible to deliver secure, managed video streaming experiences across multiple device and video format families, with full reporting and management tools that tell you everything you need to know about your direct-to-consumer streaming business. Along with seamless interfaces to your billing and digital rights management resources.

Whether you’re delivering on-demand or live content, IBM Cloud Video’s direct-to-consumer platform provides a complete ingest-to-publish framework for reaching viewers wherever they’re watching. You control the creative: the catalog that’s available, the look and feel of on-screen user interfaces, the interactive applications that add value to the consumer experience. IBM Cloud Video provides the behind-the-scenes video processing, publishing and reporting platforms that let you focus on what you do best: delivering great content, wherever people want to watch it.

Getting Video Right: Centralized Workflow Management

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These days, there’s more to television than meets the eye. Like watermarks that provide for detailed usage reporting. Multiple digital encoding formats that ensure the right stream gets to the right distribution partner. Poster art and underlying metadata that vary depending on where viewers are watching – and who their pay-TV provider happens to be.  And much more.

Managing the interplay of multiple video assets can be tricky. Especially when deadlines matter. That’s why some of the best-known brands in video rely on IBM Cloud Video. Like HBO.  Since 2011, IBM Cloud Video has provided video processing and distribution services for HBO’s subscription video on demand programming, helping HBO manage critical tasks tied to the delivery of premier on-demand content across a varied marketplace of domestic video distribution partners.

IBM Cloud Video’s flexible solution ingests large, high definition files, manages metadata that travels with the file, watermarks content for viewership tracking, converts files to proper audio formats and more. The results: Subscribers at home who order on-demand episodes get the exact combination of video and data assets required to produce a consistent, satisfying viewing experience. And programmers like HBO can preview assets, schedule distribution, update metadata and manage playlists without having to re-supply the original video content.

In the age of on-demand video, leading television networks recognize the importance of workflow management that assures the right content is available in the right place and in the right way – whenever customers want it. It’s an ideal pairing of talent:  Programmers like HBO deliver great content. And IBM Cloud Video makes sure it plays.

Every Minute Counts: Video Management for a C3 World

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The way television audiences are measured is changing. Thanks to a widening pool of multiscreen viewing options and a rising trend toward on-demand viewing, it’s no longer just about estimating how many households tune in to a program’s linear network appearance. The new currency revolves around measuring impressions during a viewing window that starts with a linear premier and ends 75 hours later as on-demand and catch-up views are added to the measurement mix.

Within this Nielsen-defined “C3” window, speed matters. Every hour it takes to get a television program processed and into the market potentially leaves actual impressions uncounted – and advertising revenue on the table.

Accelerating time to market is one of the hallmarks of IBM Cloud Video’s platform for centralized video processing, asset management and distribution. Leveraging proven, scalable approaches to ingesting, transcoding and applying data instructions to digital video content, IBM Cloud Video makes it possible for a program to go from a live prime time debut to on-demand availability across millions of households and devices in just hours.

It’s exactly that sort of quick-turn, centralized, multi-format processing ability that has helped Scripps Networks Interactive monetize on-demand impressions for its advertiser-supported television brands Food Network, Travel Channel, HGTV, Cooking Channel and DIY Network. Scripps Networks Interactive relies on IBM Cloud Video to process thousands of hours of programs on a rapid-turnaround schedule, applying multiple encoding schemes, metadata combinations and presentation instructions that vary by affiliates and by devices.

Every evening, in rapid-fire succession, IBM Cloud Video’s multiscreen software platform accomplishes tasks that include ingesting content, adding digital markers for commercial positions, affirming correct audience detection codes, transcoding content into multiple digital formats, associating exacting metadata tailored for affiliates, and distributing assets to affiliates over an all-IP network.

For advertising-supported content companies like Scripps Networks Interactive, IBM Cloud Video solves an essential piece of the multiscreen, on-demand television puzzle: finding a way to manage the complexities of multiple format video distribution without sacrificing the revenue potential tied to a narrow viewing window. As a new television currency comes into play, IBM Cloud Video is helping content companies stay ahead of the game.

Special Delivery: Intelligent Video Asset Distribution

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Unless your favorite band is about to take the stage, waiting in line is never a welcome event. That’s especially true today in a changing television environment, where speed to market is a critical determinant of viewer satisfaction. The longer it takes for a program to appear within an on-screen menu, the more tempted viewers are to go somewhere else.

IBM Cloud Video’s solution is to leapfrog legacy satellite distribution systems that deliver digital video assets to the marketplace in a progressive queue, where file B has to wait until file A is fully delivered. Instead, IBM Cloud Video takes advantage of multiplexing – the ability to simultaneously shuttle multiple assets to their destinations using the largest IP video on demand delivery network in the U.S.

It’s an all-IP architecture built for today’s television industry, where content catalogs are fluid, time-to-screen windows are demanding and the ability to manage operations costs is more critical than ever.

Those are some of the reasons why the U.S. television industry’s leading on-demand program distributor relies on IBM Cloud Video to orchestrate the mission-critical delivery of movies and television shows to affiliates across the U.S.

iN DEMAND Networks works with IBM Cloud Video to ensure fast, efficient and failsafe delivery of movies, specials and TV programs assets to cable, telco and other pay-TV affiliates. From the ingest of high-definition files to intelligent workflow management to assurance of receipt at destination sites, IBM Cloud Video provides a seamless service that allows iN DEMAND Networks to focus on its core business activities while knowing in confidence the content it distributes will be available in the right formats and at the right time for end-user access. In a demanding television world, IBM Cloud Video delivers.

ID, Please: Authentication Made Easy

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Making “TV Everywhere” easy, familiar and convenient for customers is the new mantra of the digital video era. Central to that mission is authentication: making sure customers with the proper rights and permissions can get the television content they want, on the device they want, with minimal intervention.

For a rising number of pay-TV industry participants, the solution comes from IBM Cloud Video. Thanks to alliances with major content companies and integration with leading verification platforms from Adobe, Akamai, HBO and others, IBM Cloud Video provides a ready-for-market authentication solution that grows right along with your TV Everywhere service.

Customers including major cable network brands, the National Cable Telecommunications Cooperative, Buckeye Cablevision, Cincinnati Bell and others rely on IBM Cloud Video to manage rapid-fire authentication processes tied to top television content brand companies like HBO, NBCU, FOX Cable Networks, Turner Broadcasting, Hallmark and more. For these companies and others, ClearPlay Authentication manages a never-ending cycle of technical upgrades, software iterations and programmer integrations. That leaves programmers and video providers free to do what they do best: make great content available to great customers.

With ClearPlay Authentication, any pay-TV provider can connect customers with any content owner, with room to grow as more content comes online. Billing system headaches? They’re gone, thanks to an innovative, self-contained data platform that eliminates the need for complex integrations. In a hurry? Time to market is compressed thanks to IBM Cloud Video’s hosted “white label” modules and co-branded microsites that guide users through easy-to-use sign-ons. And ClearPlay Authentication is built for the future, with a cloud-based architecture that’s designed for an any-device world. It adds up to a ready-for-deployment solution that works for programmers and video distributors alike. And a way to make TV Everywhere exactly that.

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