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January 8, 2014
Every Minute Counts: Video Management for a C3 World
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The way television audiences are measured is changing. Thanks to a widening pool of multiscreen viewing options and a rising trend toward on-demand viewing, it’s no longer just about estimating how many households tune in to a program’s linear network appearance. The new currency revolves around measuring impressions during a viewing window that starts with a linear premier and ends 75 hours later as on-demand and catch-up views are added to the measurement mix.

Within this Nielsen-defined “C3” window, speed matters. Every hour it takes to get a television program processed and into the market potentially leaves actual impressions uncounted – and advertising revenue on the table.

Accelerating time to market is one of the hallmarks of IBM Cloud Video’s platform for centralized video processing, asset management and distribution. Leveraging proven, scalable approaches to ingesting, transcoding and applying data instructions to digital video content, IBM Cloud Video makes it possible for a program to go from a live prime time debut to on-demand availability across millions of households and devices in just hours.

It’s exactly that sort of quick-turn, centralized, multi-format processing ability that has helped Scripps Networks Interactive monetize on-demand impressions for its advertiser-supported television brands Food Network, Travel Channel, HGTV, Cooking Channel and DIY Network. Scripps Networks Interactive relies on IBM Cloud Video to process thousands of hours of programs on a rapid-turnaround schedule, applying multiple encoding schemes, metadata combinations and presentation instructions that vary by affiliates and by devices.

Every evening, in rapid-fire succession, IBM Cloud Video’s multiscreen software platform accomplishes tasks that include ingesting content, adding digital markers for commercial positions, affirming correct audience detection codes, transcoding content into multiple digital formats, associating exacting metadata tailored for affiliates, and distributing assets to affiliates over an all-IP network.

For advertising-supported content companies like Scripps Networks Interactive, IBM Cloud Video solves an essential piece of the multiscreen, on-demand television puzzle: finding a way to manage the complexities of multiple format video distribution without sacrificing the revenue potential tied to a narrow viewing window. As a new television currency comes into play, IBM Cloud Video is helping content companies stay ahead of the game.

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