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January 16, 2014
Getting Video Right: Centralized Workflow Management
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These days, there’s more to television than meets the eye. Like watermarks that provide for detailed usage reporting. Multiple digital encoding formats that ensure the right stream gets to the right distribution partner. Poster art and underlying metadata that vary depending on where viewers are watching – and who their pay-TV provider happens to be.  And much more.

Managing the interplay of multiple video assets can be tricky. Especially when deadlines matter. That’s why some of the best-known brands in video rely on IBM Cloud Video. Like HBO.  Since 2011, IBM Cloud Video has provided video processing and distribution services for HBO’s subscription video on demand programming, helping HBO manage critical tasks tied to the delivery of premier on-demand content across a varied marketplace of domestic video distribution partners.

IBM Cloud Video’s flexible solution ingests large, high definition files, manages metadata that travels with the file, watermarks content for viewership tracking, converts files to proper audio formats and more. The results: Subscribers at home who order on-demand episodes get the exact combination of video and data assets required to produce a consistent, satisfying viewing experience. And programmers like HBO can preview assets, schedule distribution, update metadata and manage playlists without having to re-supply the original video content.

In the age of on-demand video, leading television networks recognize the importance of workflow management that assures the right content is available in the right place and in the right way – whenever customers want it. It’s an ideal pairing of talent:  Programmers like HBO deliver great content. And IBM Cloud Video makes sure it plays.

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