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January 7, 2014
ID, Please: Authentication Made Easy
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Making “TV Everywhere” easy, familiar and convenient for customers is the new mantra of the digital video era. Central to that mission is authentication: making sure customers with the proper rights and permissions can get the television content they want, on the device they want, with minimal intervention.

For a rising number of pay-TV industry participants, the solution comes from IBM Cloud Video. Thanks to alliances with major content companies and integration with leading verification platforms from Adobe, Akamai, HBO and others, IBM Cloud Video provides a ready-for-market authentication solution that grows right along with your TV Everywhere service.

Customers including major cable network brands, the National Cable Telecommunications Cooperative, Buckeye Cablevision, Cincinnati Bell and others rely on IBM Cloud Video to manage rapid-fire authentication processes tied to top television content brand companies like HBO, NBCU, FOX Cable Networks, Turner Broadcasting, Hallmark and more. For these companies and others, ClearPlay Authentication manages a never-ending cycle of technical upgrades, software iterations and programmer integrations. That leaves programmers and video providers free to do what they do best: make great content available to great customers.

With ClearPlay Authentication, any pay-TV provider can connect customers with any content owner, with room to grow as more content comes online. Billing system headaches? They’re gone, thanks to an innovative, self-contained data platform that eliminates the need for complex integrations. In a hurry? Time to market is compressed thanks to IBM Cloud Video’s hosted “white label” modules and co-branded microsites that guide users through easy-to-use sign-ons. And ClearPlay Authentication is built for the future, with a cloud-based architecture that’s designed for an any-device world. It adds up to a ready-for-deployment solution that works for programmers and video distributors alike. And a way to make TV Everywhere exactly that.

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