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January 7, 2014
Special Delivery: Intelligent Video Asset Distribution
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Unless your favorite band is about to take the stage, waiting in line is never a welcome event. That’s especially true today in a changing television environment, where speed to market is a critical determinant of viewer satisfaction. The longer it takes for a program to appear within an on-screen menu, the more tempted viewers are to go somewhere else.

IBM Cloud Video’s solution is to leapfrog legacy satellite distribution systems that deliver digital video assets to the marketplace in a progressive queue, where file B has to wait until file A is fully delivered. Instead, IBM Cloud Video takes advantage of multiplexing – the ability to simultaneously shuttle multiple assets to their destinations using the largest IP video on demand delivery network in the U.S.

It’s an all-IP architecture built for today’s television industry, where content catalogs are fluid, time-to-screen windows are demanding and the ability to manage operations costs is more critical than ever.

Those are some of the reasons why the U.S. television industry’s leading on-demand program distributor relies on IBM Cloud Video to orchestrate the mission-critical delivery of movies and television shows to affiliates across the U.S.

iN DEMAND Networks works with IBM Cloud Video to ensure fast, efficient and failsafe delivery of movies, specials and TV programs assets to cable, telco and other pay-TV affiliates. From the ingest of high-definition files to intelligent workflow management to assurance of receipt at destination sites, IBM Cloud Video provides a seamless service that allows iN DEMAND Networks to focus on its core business activities while knowing in confidence the content it distributes will be available in the right formats and at the right time for end-user access. In a demanding television world, IBM Cloud Video delivers.

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