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Alex Emmermann

Alex Emmermann
VP, Engineering

Alex joins Clearleap with 19 years of product development experience and is responsible for executing Clearleap’s research and development efforts. Most recently he was the VP of Engineering at Skitter TV where he was responsible for developing an end-to-end IP based Linear TV System that is offered as a service to telephone companies. Alex brings management and product development experience in video, Internet services, telecommunications, electronics, and e-commerce to Clearleap.

Previously, Alex served as General Manager at Cormine Intelligent Data, LLC, Suffolk, Va., where he was responsible for building a web based research system used by research analysts & legal professionals to analyze massive amounts of text. Prior to joining Cormine, Alex spent 13 years at Motorola developing radio technology and later managing software development teams. During his last three years at Motorola, he took an expatriate assignment in Malaysia to help develop the company’s engineering strategy in the region. While in Malaysia, Alex built a team of more than 220 engineers to develop software and provide testing services for Motorola’s global two-way radio business.

Alex has been awarded two U.S. patents related to telephony/radio integration and connected home appliance technology, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida.

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