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March 26, 2014
VI-Voices: Digital Video and Marketing at SXSW
Posted by LWoolfolk

VI-Voices: Digital Video and Marketing at SXSW

Within the field of digital entertainment or marketing, what was an interesting story or development to come out of South by Southwest?

Braxon Jarratt, CEO, Clearleap Inc.
“I think SXSW this year cemented the fact that we’re experiencing a golden age of television, and that people love that it’s available to them at any time. In the past at SXSW we’ve seen emphasis on the music, the media, the tech, and while there are glimmers of that, this year there was so much emphasis on television. Everyone was talking about catching ‘True Detective’ on HBO Go, there were major keynotes and panels from TV stars like Mindy Kaling and Lena Dunham — it was a really interesting shift. I think it might make a few people look at their content and multi-screen offerings and really think about what they can do to make that kind of impact.”

Brian Kane, COO, LiveRail
“There was definitely a continued focus on internet-delivered video content.  Specifically interesting, Roku’s announcement of their new streaming stick, which is slated to be released in April. This new product launch continues to demonstrate how innovation and new pricing models will increase the accessibility of IP delivered video for consumers.”

Brandon Martinez, Co-Founder/CEO, INDMUSIC
“As we’ve seen in past years, SXSW continues to sprawl further and further through the city of Austin. Initially, the brands pushed others away from the more popular venues, but now there just isn’t enough room for any marketer trying to reach this music loving demographic. This has created a host of more focused conversations and performances like the ones I was fortunate to participate in for Napster at Birds Barbershop & The Grammys at The Gibson Showroom.”

Damon Berger, Co-Founder & CEO, What’s Trending
“I think the development that is evident from this year’s SXSW, is that everything’s bigger in Texas. Brands and marketers turned it up, and built the biggest experiential marketing activations I think I’ve ever seen to engage their consumers. In their efforts though, I’m not sure that everyone understood the spirit of SXSW and providing value back to the community, and adding to a shared conversation.”

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